The STARS Calendar 2019

Contains STARS events and other events in the area

Last updated 01/15/2019

Please call Club president Alan Rifkin at 800-336-9054 with any questions or comments


Upcoming STARS meetings:



Jan. 22, 2019 STARS:Paul Cardone: The Future of Space Travel


Feb. 1, 2019 SOS:Jack Megas: The Winter Stars


Feb. 26, 2019 STARS: Richard Sanderson: David Todd: Amherstís Flamboyant Astronomer


Mar. 1, 2019 SOS:Ed Faits: Comets, Asteroids and other Wanderers


Mar. 26, 2019 STARS:Paul Cardone: New Mexico Nights Observatory


Apr. 5, 2019 SOS:Marguerite Seuffert, Crystal Mengele:Stars Game Night


Apr. 23, 2019 STARS:David Wexler: The Physics of Space


May 3, 2019 SOS:Richard Sanderson: Apollo 11: A Look Back at Humanityís Greatest Achievement.


May 28, 2019 STARS:Richard Sanderson, Ed Faits:Apollo 11: A Look Back at Humanityís Greatest Achievement.





SOS= STARS Over Springfield. 7:30 PM. Our First Fridays Public event. $3 Adults/$2 Children

STARS= The STARSís club monthly meeting on the Fourth Tuesday. 7:00 PM

There are no meetings during the summer months of June, July and August

We meet at the Tolman Auditorium of the Springfield Science Museum, 21 Edwards Street

Plenty of secure free parking in Edwards Street parking lots

We welcome groups. Please give us a heads up call so we can make any special preparations