The STARS Calendar 2019 - 2020

Contains STARS events and other events in the area

 Last updated 11/19/2019

Please call Club president Alan Rifkin at 800-336-9054 with any questions or comments


Upcoming STARS meetings:


[STARS] Nov. 26, 2019: Adam Jermyn: Tides on Binary Stars – how stars that orbit each other interact


[SOS] Dec. 6, 2019:   Paul Cardone:  New Mexico Nights Observatory Part II - Live remote controlled demonstration


[STARS]  Dec 17 at 6:00 pm, no regular meeting


[SOS] Jan. 3, 2020:    Alan Rifkin:  How to use a telescope - bring your telescope along.


[STARS] Jan. 28, 2020:  Alan Rifkin:  “Astronomers Without Borders” and “Your First Telescope, the AWB OneSky 130”






[SOS] March TBD


[STARS] Mar. 24, 2020:  Scott Tracey:  Exoplanets


[STARS] May 26, 2020:  Dr. Thomas Burbine: The Importance of Asteroid Sample Return Missions


SOS= STARS Over Springfield. 7:30 PM. Our First Fridays Public event. $3 Adults/$2 Children

STARS= The STARS’s club monthly meeting on the Fourth Tuesday. 7:00 PM

There are no club meetings during the months of December, June, July and August

There are no SOS meetings during the summer months of June, July and August

We meet at the Tolman Auditorium of the Springfield Science Museum, 21 Edwards Street

Plenty of secure free parking in Edwards Street parking lots

We welcome groups. Please give us a heads up call so we can make any special preparations

There are also special club evens. For those we send out emails to our member’s mailing list. That is a good reason to become a member.