By Amanda Jermyn

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered: Where exactly are all those stars, and what are they made of? Where did the planets come from, and why does the moon change its shape? As a child I used to ask my father such questions, and his thoughtful answers inspired still more questions. So when my youngest child began to show an interest in astronomy, I was delighted to continue the tradition and answer his questions too. Today he knows far more than I do, and I am again the one asking questions. In 1998, when he was five years old, my son and I began attending talks at the Springfield STARS Club, and we’ve been coming back for more ever since. We enjoy the camaraderie and intellectual stimulation the group provides. In December 2008 I began writing a monthly column on astronomy for The Republican newspaper, based in Springfield, Massachusetts. Here on the Springfield STARS Club website you may view all my columns to date.

Amanda Jermyn

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04/23/2020 Farewell with a 'most massive explosion.'
03/19/2020 Runaway star bound for disaster
02/20/2020 A planet as old as Methuselah
01/23/2020 Secrets of Saturn Keep Coming
12/26/2019 Milky Way is 1 of 2 trillion galaxies
11/20/2019 New comet 2I/Borisov visits the solar system
10/16/2019 Giant planet slingshots around star
09/18/2019 Could salt on Jupiter's moon mean life?
07/03/2019 Starry, starry summer nights abound
05/22/2019 NASA sets sights on Neptune moon Triton
04/17/2019 Will we recognize other life if we find it?
03/20/2019 Too hot? Too cold? Searching for a 'Goldilocks' zone
02/20/2019 Is there someone out there? Fast Radio Bursts make you wonder
01/16/2019 Space Junk needs to be kicked to the curb
12/19/2018 NASA retires planet-searching Kepler mission
11/22/2018 If there's a lake on Mars, is there life?
10/17/2018 Rogue planet wanders the universe
06/20/2018 Starry, starry summer nights beckon
05/16/2018 Scientists trace origins of 1st stars in universe
04/18/2018 Astronaut twins provide case study for space travel
03/21/2018 To the Moon, Alice! Astronomy is for Girls too
02/21/2018 In Search of a Landing Zone on Mars
01/17/2018 Dwarf planet may not be a dead zone
12/20/2017 Maybe there really is life out there
11/22/2017 The Greatest Fireworks Show in the Universe
10/18/2017 NASA's Parker Probe to the Sun
09/20/2017 Solar Eclipse provided view of Nature at its Finest
07/12/2017 Where and how to view the August 21 solar eclipse
05/17/2017 Astronomers steamed up over possible 'water world.'
04/19/2017 NASA Cassini Mission to Saturn set for fiery Grand Finale
03/22/2017 Lucky star finds 'love' in outer space
02/22/2017 Rains of terror loom for space travelers
01/04/2017 Calamity looms for Milky Way 27 million years out
11/16/2016 Speedy star duo surprises astronomers
10/19/2016 Ancient Stellar Explosion comes to Light
09/21/2016 New planet changes view of universe
07/20/2016 Diamond hunting in space? Dream on
06/22/2016 All the sky's a stage for summer stargazing
05/18/2016 How hot is too hot? You don't want to go here
04/20/2016 The hunt is on for Planet Nine
03/16/2016 Gravitational waves open new window to cosmos
02/17/2016 Russian Cosmonauts launched the Space Race
12/23/2015 Jupiter's Great Red Spot
11/18/2015 Stars crossed for meeting in far-away galaxy
10/21/2015 Quasar shows black holes on track to collide
09/16/2015 Pluto fly-by is Sagan's dream come true
07/01/2015 Summer is time to be dazzled by starry night skies
05/20/2015 When the moon meets the eye like a big pizza pie, it's Io
04/22/2015 Search for ET finds new focus on Enceladus
03/18/2015 Caltech scientists track cosmic collision
02/18/2015 Life on Mars? Idea may not be all that crazy
01/21/2015 Stars merge for mystery in the Milky Way
12/17/2014 Story of the star that got away, escaping death by black hole
11/19/2014 Comet Siding Spring provides close encounter for Earth
10/22/2014 Merging of stars to Thorne-Zytkow Objects creates stellar show
09/17/2014 Cassini spacecraft reveals 'secrets' of universe
08/20/2014 Diamond in sky no science-fiction fairy tale
07/16/2014 Summer nights provide perfect skies for stargazing
06/25/2014 NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena provides 'window' on the universe
05/21/2014 Earth's newfound 'cousin' planet could support life.
03/16/2014 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter sends photographic clues of water flowing on Mars
02/19/2014 Exploring Europa presents mysteries
01/16/2014 Lonely planet drift in 'splendid isolation.'
12/18/2013 Venus: Hellish planet belies lovely name
11/20/2013 Supermassive stars burn brighter than the sun
10/16/2013 NASA marks 55 years, feats still dazzling
09/18/2013 Space travel proves no walk in the park
08/21/2013 Curiosity rover marks first year on Mars
07/17/2013 Greenwich visit marks perspective on Time
06/19/2013 Summer Stargazing gives sparkling shows
05/15/2013 Space exploration finds 'diamond planet' in Milky Way galaxy
04/16/2013 Evidence of life deep in Antarctica shows ET could be out there
03/20/2013 Meteoroid crash in Russia gives Earth one astronomically big show
02/20/2013 Exploring the true nature of time
01/16/2013 Neutron stars are weird, wonderful objects in the universe
12/19/2012 Exoplanet provides hope that there is life out there in space
11/21/2012 Amateur astronomers help find new planet
10/17/2012 Young star pumps out universal river of water
09/19/2012 Saturn's 'cool' moon Enceladus is a really hot place i
08/22/2012 Cassini spacecraft still delivers Titan moonscape view from Saturn
07/11/2012 Starry nights make summer special
06/20/2012 Newborn stars join light show
05/16/2012 Transit of Venus is once-in-a-lifetime show
04/18/2012 Water world stuns, delights scientists
03/21/2012 New planets mean life may be out there
02/22/2012 Thank our lucky stars for Earth's protective magnetosphere
01/18/2012 Ice giant Uranus on radar to explore
12/28/2011 Star's icy disk may suggest water origin
11/16/2011 Mercury Messenger sends home new views of tiny planet
10/19/2011 Hang onto your hats, the universe is speeding up
09/21/2011 Telescopes provide wide view of the universe
08/17/2011 Telescopes provide new views of Universe
07/20/2011 Summer nights fine for area star gazers
06/22/2011 Is there more for NASA to explore out there?
05/18/2011 'Rocket Boys' legacy lives at NASA
04/20/2011 Galaxy's vastness humbling for earth
03/16/2011 Beauty, mystery leave earthlings moonstruck
02/16/2011 Take a matter-of-fact look at the universe
01/12/2011 Who's out there? It's all in the stars
12/15/2010 Century-old radio link raises specter for future
11/17/2010 Nature's great show lights up the skies
10/13/2010 Quasars shine bright as Stars of Universe
09/08/2010 'City Thinks' focus on 'Final Frontier'
11/08/2010 How big is really big in the world of stars?
07/28/2010 Summer skies bring perfect time to watch the best in stars
06/16/2010 Telescope in flight provides new vistas
05/19/2010 Astronomy unveils exotic, unexpected
04/21/2010 Big Bang unlikely to end with crunch
03/17/2010 Some answers to really big questions
02/17/2010 Space travel appears unattainable for now
01/20/2010 South Africa leaves legacy of astronomy
12/16/2009 Supernova: A star's encore in the universe
11/18/2009 Meteor shower set to light up autumn night
10/21/2009 Black holes dazzle with strange effects
09/16/2009 Moon a wonder for effect on Earth, us
08/19/2009 Stargazing tackles the big questions
07/22/2009 3 summer events in offing for stargazers
06/17/2009 Tanglewood stars a Springfield vision
05/20/2009 Female astronomers made their marks
04/22/2009 Thanks to ancients, star-gazing simple
03/18/2009 'Great thinkers' set to debate cosmology
1/21/2009 Stars Club to offer primer on telescopes
12/17/2008 Starry, starry night planned for Dec. 23