The Night of the Disappearing Moon
February 20, 2008

Photos by Richard Sanderson

The Moon as it appeared during the partial phases of the eclipse.
On the evening of Febraury 20, 2008, the Stars Club and the Springfield Science Museum hosted "The Night of the Disappearing Moon" as the Moon was totally eclipsed. Despite cold temperatures, some two hundred people attended the event and were treated to spectacular views of the eclipse as the clouds parted just in time. Indoors, participants were able to take part in eclipse activities, including a show in the Museum's Seymour Planetarium and a visit from Galileo, portrayed by actor Mike Francis. Outside, Stars Club members set up their telescopes to give the public views of the eclipsed Moon and the planet Saturn. Below are some pictures from the evening. The next total eclipse of the Moon won't occur until December 2010.

An young eclipse viewer looks through Galielo's (actor Mike Francis) telescope during the eclipse.

The public gathers around telescopes set up by the Stars Club to view the eclipse.
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