October 2013 Newsletter
By Art Meyer

Welcome to the October 2013 STARS Newsletter

The purpose of the newsletter is to communicate information about the club and astronomical events and topics. It is also a place where members can contribute articles, comment on STARS activities and give suggestions for the club and for this newsletter. Email them to me at myer70@charter.net and a copy to the STARS president Alan Rifkin at alan@rifkin.com. If you don’t use email, then please talk with me at the next meeting. I’m the guy with a beard, probably sitting in the first row.
No member contributions this month, but I am looking forward to them in the future. What did you think of the last meeting? Topics for this year are mostly decided – but what would you like to see discussed? See the list of future topics on page 4 of this newsletter.
Here is one of Dr. Ethan Siegel’s recent blogs:
On weekends, Dr. Siegel discuses various topics not necessarily related to the focus of his blog. Sometimes humorous, sometimes with music links, they are often worthwhile diversions. This one is especially thought provoking.
Index to this Newsletter:
1) Welcome
2) Some Upcoming Events
3) Future Speaker Lists for STARS and SOS (Stars over Springfield)
4) Ethan Siegel’s Article: Missing due to Gov’t Shutdown but look anyway!

Upcoming Events

A partial lunar eclipse will occur Friday October 18th. The maximum eclipse will be around 7:50 PM. A part of the moon will move through the edge of the Earth’s shadow. Read more about it at http://news.discovery.com/space/astronomy/partial-lunar-eclipse-to-rise-on-friday-131016.htm

From our star writer, Amanda Jermyn, about the October meeting of STARS:
The next STARS meeting will be Tuesday, October 22nd. It will feature Rich Sanderson speaking on “The Integration of the Maksutov Telescope Design into the Realm of Amateur Telescope Making”.
Here is a link to the Wikipedia article on the Maksutov telescope and its history.

BTW: Amanda’s monthly astronomy articles: http://www.reflector.org/amanda/index.php
Here is a link to Reach for the Stars columns posted by Masslive. It's in chronological order starting with the most recent, and going back as far as July, 2011. The columns before that date would still have to be accessed through the Stars Club website. If you want to see the more recent ones as they appeared in the paper and on Masslive, with photos and all, you can view the more recent ones through this link.



Speakers for upcoming STARS meetings:

Oct. 22: Rich Sanderson - The Integration of the Maksutov Telescope Design into the Realm of Amateur Telescope Making

Nov. 26: Mission to Mars Panel - 10 minutes per speaker. Moderator: Dave Gallup
1. Mars 101 - Introduction to Mars - Paul Cardone
2. How to get to Mars - orbital mechanics - Alan Rifkin
3. Report on findings of Curiosity Rover - Crystal Mengele
4. NASA 10 minute video of Curiosity landing - Crystal Mengele and Tim Connolly
5. Medical implications of sending people to Mars - David Wexler

Dec. 17: Holiday party. Venue still to be decided.

Jan. 28: Jack Megas and Rich Sanderson will present the planetarium show "Stars around the Campfire," and give a brief introduction to it.

March 25: David Wexler - Cosmology and Space Time

SOS Speakers:

Nov. 1 Rich Sanderson - Comets & Meteors, plus Comet ISON

Dec. 6 Paul Cardone - What's new in our Solar System?

Jan. 3 Ed Faits

Here is a note from Laura Lincoln at NASA:
Dear Space Place partners,

Our apologies for the inconvenience, but unless the United States federal government shutdown is resolved by October 11, 2013, we will be unable to deliver the October article.

Best wishes,

In lieu of the NASA article here is a link to a video on the “Moon Illusion” that was recommended by Amanda Jermyn.



End of the October Newsletter