The Star Gazer

For nearly a decade, the Springfield Stars Club produced a semiannual collection of articles contributed by club members and other astronomy enthusiasts called The Star Gazer. In all, twelve volumes were published between 1987 and 1996, with articles on all aspects of astronomy and telescope making. Richard Sanderson served as Editor of the Stargazer throughout its nine-year run.

Selected articles from the Star Gazer have been reproduced here for online viewing.

Volume 2 - Winter, 1988
Edward Hitchcock: Stargazer & Geologist by Richard Sanderson
An Observation of Pluto from the Heart of Springfield by Richard Sanderson
Volume 4 - Winter, 1989
A Role for Amateur Astronomers by Ed Faits
Volume 5 - Summer, 1989
John Dobson in Springfield by Richard Sanderson
Volume 6 - Winter, 1990
A Passport to the Universe: Magnitude by Phil Harrington
Volume 11 - Winter, 1994
Design and Construction of a Projection Cage for Studying the Sun by Gerry Atkinson

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